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NaPoWriMo 2014 #1

Who said, Don’t be afraid to show how it started.

It began with red Bull and cigarettes
The bane of my existence
Thoughts that nothing would ever change
Being vulnerable was not for me.
( I am not the same)
I am the strong one
The one who could make it alone
No one required or desired to accomplish my goals
My own stepping stone
Don’t you ever tell me what to do type of chick
You know
The needles changed all that
The not knowing how to deal at the beginning
( I am not the same)
My world spinning
The sins laid bare at my feet grinning
At my fear and pain
Asking, are you strong enough
Can you remain sane
( I am not the same)
Not the same but stronger
Sustained by my will to maintain
I have achieved what few in this plight have managed to retain
I am still me.
This fight is mine
And it will end with me.

NaPoWriMo 2014

Hello my friends! Here we are again at the poets favorite month of the year and the challenge is upon us. We are seven days in. I have been writing my poems but have not been posting them, but I will. I thoroughly enjoy this part of the year and the challenge this work brings us all. If you are participating this year please feel free to leave me a link in my comments section. I would love to see all of your work. So here we go!! May you all write strong and happily. Enjoy the words!


Poems from My Alphabet poetry book: One poem for every letter: A

Letter A

Around the world in a day

or two

full of words, mistaken steps

baggage kept by one, created by two

The ground is soaked with the sweat of troops

mistaken lost travelers, lost

on my way to you

confused as to where I want to be

when my anger makes me cleverly astute

these dreams are not always clear to you

and I don’t belong here sometimes

at least not with you

when I’m angry



Writers Anthem

I am a writer
it’s not what I pretend to be
not for show or notoriety 
I show up to the page
honest and regularly
open thoughts, no fear
and free
despite what anyone is apt to see
because I don’t do this for anyone
but me 



I want to go 

Travel far, far away
Where the sun meets the water
And the whales sing sweet songs
Where there is no fear of tomorrow
And yesterday remains where it belongs
I want to swim
Beneath the bright blue sea
Turquoise has always been my favorite shade of water
I’d like you to come with me
I want to walk the desert
In the midnight hour 
Warm sand beneath my feet
Moon above 
Stars lit with fire
We all have dreams. 


Summer Dreams

I walk 
Slowly through the trees
I see 
The pink petals drop at my feet
Crisscrossing with the leaves
I smell
The warm spring air
A hint of summer at its wing 
I taste
The salt sweet wind
Embraced in dreams
I feel
The suns kisses 
where no strangers kiss should be 
of what’s to come 

NaPoWriMo… Day 24… Elizabeth E in Anagram

Elizabeth E.
beneath Idealize
deniable haze tie
tibia haze needle
idealize than be
a haze betide line
a haze edible nite
Banzai Ed Thee Lei

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